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Explosion, with <x> as tag, was founded on the 19th of July 2002. In the beginning the clan was just a quad clan, that is, matches were played with only two players on each team. At that time, Explosion had only two members, Reloiz and Phant. Playing Urban3 as their homemap they soon picked Dominator up to join the group.

Having played about 150 quads Explosion was turned into a typical Action Quake 2 clan. New members, such as Woce and Eksotik, hopped in and the homemap was now Pier. Explosion managed to play about 100 matches with pretty good results but then, as common as it is, came the inactivity. Members began to disappear and soon, as you guessed, Explosion took a break.

After about a year's break, on the 22nd of June 2004 came Explosion back up. Riot was voted for the homemap. New members came in and old, inactive ones were pushed out. This time the clan really started to prosper. Explosion took part in some tournaments with relatively good results. But after few years, as usually happens, people began to start families and careers, and the inactivity came again. On 7th of January 2007 Explosion played their 1306th clanwar, which was to become their last one in nine years.

In late 2015, Battery had an idea to try and get old clans and players back to the game once so beloved - a tournament! On 5th of January 2016 Reloiz heard about the Battery tournament and figured it would be awesome to reconnect with old friends. Thus he contacted Explosion's old corner stones, Dominator, Woce and Eksotik, who got excited about it. Old friend and member Isi also rejoined Explosion, and a few new members were also picked up. Riot, cloud and urban2 were chosen as homemaps for the tournament. At least for the length of the tournament, Explosion's riding again.


Reloiz, Dominator, Woce, AsiS, Nuke, Epeli, Eksotik


Country and riot

Hall of Fame

Reloiz, Phant, Dominator, Woce, peach, Virindi, chatode, Sloan, Quarter, Lortsy, Valtsu, Lastis, Griffin, Genie, Finger, StanFasH, DEREK, Manne, Gamma, Moose, Zla$h, Dizzy, Materia, Rza, Casio, UnGibbed, rico, Cloud, JohnLee, Tauti, Drips, Tactics, ogathy, Stumby, MoonElf, Serpent, Buusti, NemesiS, phoe, dedi, vanksi, esa, Rumba, Isi, aamori, SilentSco, Cornwall, Eksotik, audioslave, M-B, nuc, Usires, Naksu, SuperTed, kmohi, Monrique, bou, Justin_t, Masa, Mikuza, Keke, Qalaxy, commu, Bakor, sniparisto, Sweet, and TimppA^^


Total clanwars 1306, of which 987 (76 %) won, 287 (22 %) lost and 32 (2 %) tied.

Total rounds 42 784 - 29 495, average clanwar 33-23.

Three most common opponents
[CI5] with 39 matches played
^FwD with 38 matches played
->eX<- with 31 matches played

Longest winning streak 28 matches. Longest losing streak 5 matches.

Previous achievements

2006: Sillicup Turnee #4, 3rd

2006: Sillicup Turnee #3, 2nd

2006: Sillicup Turnee #2, 1st

2005: European AQ2 League: Summercup, 4th